Break is a member of Pandora and a servant of the Rainsworth's. His chain is Mad Hatter.


Eye color: Red

Break has no left eye. He reveals that the Will of the Abyss took it from him and that the Cheshire has it. Break's true motive is to find the truth behind what happened 100 years ago. He hates Vincent with a passion.

Break is often seen with a doll on his shoulder, which he calls Emily.

Break's appearance does not change from the ten year gap between Oz entering and leaving the Abyss. He has a legal contract with the Mad Hatter.


He adores sweets and cakes. From the outside, Break seems like a carefree character, never serious and always smiling. When needs be, however, Break shows his dangerous and evil side. Reim tells Oz that Break has not always been the way he is now. Before, after losing his eye, he was a bitter and angry person, never smiling. However, through the kindness of Shelly, Sharon's mother, he began to open up. He has sworn absolute loyalty to Shelly.


Xerxes Break isn't his real name; his real name is Kevin Regnard. He was once a Knight under the noble family Sinclair. The entire family was murdered for political reasons while Kevin was out with the Lords daughter. He blamed himself for his carelessness, and became an illegal contractor in order to try and change the past.

When his clock made a full revolution he was dragged into the Abyss where he met the Will of Abyss and a young Vincent and Gilbert. Also while there the Will of Abyss took his left eye and gave it to Cheshire since he had none to see with. In exchange for this the Will changed the past for him, but he ended up over 30 years in the future. He is found by Sharron outside their door to the Abyss.

Unfortunately the past wasn't changed to his liking. The houses oldest daughter was assassinated which lead to the daughter he was out with becoming an illegal contractor herself. She ended up being dragged into the Abyss. But on the other hand the political murders didn't happen and his Lord lived for 4 more years.

After being found by Sharron, he was then looked after by her mother, Shelly Rainsworth.

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