Sharon Rainsworth

Sharon Rainsworth (シャロン レインズワース, Sharon Reinzuwāsu also known as Sharon Reinsworth and Shalon Reinsworth) is a lady of the Rainsworth House, one of the four great dukedoms. She is the granddaughter of Cheryl Rainsworth, who is the head of the Rainsworth House, possibly making her the heir to the house after her mother, Shelly Rainsworth.

Sharon is a member of Pandora and a major character in the Pandora Hearts series. She was also one of Oz Vessalius's former love interest.

Sharon is voiced by Hanazawa Kana in the Pandora Hearts Anime and by Yui Horie in the Drama CD.

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Sharon is a member of Pandora and looks like a thirteen year old girl, although she is technically 23 years old. Her appearance does not change from her first meeting with Oz to after he came out of the Abyss because she has a legal contract with a chain, the black unicorn Eques. Sharon and Break have a close relationship. She was the one that discovered Break in a fatal condition after he came out of the Abyss. When she was young, she used to call Break 'Xerxes-nii', as he was like a big brother to her. She wants to be of use to him. She also looks a lot like her mother, Shelly Rainsworth. While Oz and co. were taken into the Cheshire Cat's dimension, Sharon was abducted by Echo under the orders of Vincent Nightray, who poisoned Sharon in order to blackmail Break into destroying the memories from the Tragedy of Sablier that Break attained from the Cheshire Cat. Despite Sharon protesting to Break to not destroy the memories, which took the form of the bell Cheshire wore around his neck, Break destroyed the memories in exchange for the poison's antidote. Sharon develops a queen complex when she drinks, which Oz strangely finds cool. She likes the concept of "love" and tries to teach Alice about it. In episode 20, she wanted Alice to call her "big sister." In the second DVD special, she tries to teach Alice "her status as a female." Also in episode 20, she beat Oz with a paper fan after Alice told her that she and Oz already kissed, later apologizing. After Oz and co. return from Sablier, Sharon realizes Break still thinks of her as fragile. She then makes a resolution to be of more use to Break, and joins Oz, Gil, and Alice when they go to locate a seal encasing one of Jack's body parts. While at the location of the seal, the group is attacked and Sharon realizes she takes the power of her chain for granted. Since then she has decided that she is powerless but is determined to get stronger.